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Barbara and Bethany’s Day Camp

We are proud to serve the community of Lacombe by providing specialized day-camps. In 2020, Lacombe Bike Camp started in response to the pandemic. We wanted to provide something to help kids stay active during an uncertain time. There was such an overwhelming response from parents! All of our camps were full, and we had a waitlist for many of the weeks. For the 2021 and 2022 season, we added more camps to accommodate the need. More camp staff were hired to work with us. This year, we’re STOKED to run our bike camps again and we’re going to have so much fun!

We have spent much of our lives involved in summer camps. When we were little, we lived at kids camps – our dad was a camp director of two camps. We’ve both worked as camp counselors and eventually moved into leadership roles. Barbara served as Equestrian Director with numerous staff working under her, along with a herd of horses to care for and train. Bethany was Water-Sports Director with a team of lifeguards and motorboats to manage. We love summer, and we love kids. 

For the 2021-2022 school year, we lived and volunteered in on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. We helped out at Camp Wai’anae and returned in time for our 2022 camps. This year, Bethany is at Walla Walla University, in Washington State, where she is taking a degree in Elementary Education. Barbara is working on her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Andrews University in Michigan.

We were born and raised here in Lacombe and are proud to give back to our community. We love our small city, and we hope that your kids can join us on our city’s beautiful trails. 

The 2023 camps are already looking awesome! We’ll be offering 2 camps every morning and every afternoon. Since the Adventure Camps have been so popular, we’ll be offering more of them this year!

As always, we hope to see your whole family actively playing somewhere outside! Even more, we hope to see you at one of our Mountain Bike Camps!

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