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Barbara and Bethany’s Day Camp

We are proud to serve the community of Lacombe by providing specialized day-camps. Last year, we started our Pedal to the Metal Day Camp in response to the pandemic. We wanted to provide something to help kids stay active during an uncertain time. We had such an overwhelming response from parents! All of our camps were full and we had a wait list for many of the weeks.

We are now making plans for the 2021 season and we’ve added more camps to accommodate the need. We’re also hiring more camp staff to work with us. So far, we hired Jaxon Sackett to work with the new Adventure Camps. He is an outdoor adventure enthusiast and a professional photographer. He is great with kids and also has summer camp work experience. He will add so much positivity to our camp. We are so happy to have him on the team! As we get closer to summer, we’ll be hiring one more camp staff to fill our team.

We love camp and we have spent much of our lives involved in summer camps. Since we were little, we lived at kids camps – our dad was a camp director of two different camps. We’ve both worked as camp counsellors, and eventually moved into leadership roles. Barbara served as Equestrian Director with numerous staff working under her, along with a herd of horses to care for and train. Beth was Water-Sports Director with a team of lifeguards and motorboats to manage. We love summer and we love kids.

We both go to Walla Walla University in Washington. We wanted to have an “away” experience for college and we’ve had a great time making new friends and traveling. While there, we joined a community program called “Friends.” It’s similar to Big Brothers and Sisters.

We were born and raised here in Lacombe and are proud to give back to our community. We love our small city and we hope that your kids can join us on our city’s beautiful trails.

Last summer, we had 4 weeks of camps with 76 campers total. Each day, we had 2 groups – a morning group and an afternoon group. We met in the park and rode the trails. To create variety, we sometimes built obstacles or challenges to ride on. When it rained, we met in our garage and taught bike maintenance. Each week the Lacombe Police joined our Cub Camps to talk safety and and show us their cool police cars!

In 2021, we are so excited to expand our program and offer both Mountain Biking Camps and Adventure Bike Camps. That’s double the fun! There will be 2 camps offered every morning and 2 camps every afternoon!

This summer, we hope to see your whole family actively playing somewhere outside! We might be mountain biking, but you can also find us on our long-boards or jogging. If you are at the lake, we might be windsurfing, scuba diving, or just relaxing while we fish. Even more, we hope to see you at one of our 6 Day Camps!

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