Pedal 2 the Metal

Day Camp

Lacombe, Alberta

Make NEW Friends. Get RAD Skills.

Make NEW Friends. Get RAD Skills.

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Our camp season is over for 2020 and we’re looking forward to summer 2021! Thank-you for your support – we will soon reopen registration for the next season. We wish you all the best during the winter season. Who know’s, we might see you on the slopes of Lake Louise Ski Resort, at the very awesome Revelstoke Ski Resort, or even on the cross country ski tracks by the Lacombe Golf Course!!

We want to thank all you who contacted us, who registered, and who send us encouraging messages. We loved working with your kids each day!

Camp Dates:

JULY 6 -10CUB CAMP   (5-7 years old). FULL8am – 12pm
 JULY 6 – 10ROCK JUMPER    (8-10 years old). FULL1pm – 5pm
JULY 13 – 17CUB CAMP   (5-7 years old). FULL8am – 12pm
 JULY 13 – 17ROCK JUMPER    (8-10 years old). FULL1pm – 5pm
JULY 20 – 24CUB CAMP (5-7 years old). FULL8am – 12pm
 JULY 20 – 24TRAIL SHREDDER(11-14 years old) FULL1pm – 5pm
JULY 27 – 31CUB CAMP (5-7 years old) FULL8am – 12pm
 JULY 27 – 31TRAIL SHREDDER (11-14 years old). FULL1pm – 5pm

Meet the Team:

Beth is Co-founder of Pedal 2 the Metal Bike Camp. She is 19 years old and and is majoring in Elementary Education. Her days are filled with mountain biking, snow-boarding, canoeing, rock climbing, backpacking, long-boarding, hockey, basketball, and track.

Bethany has worked for 5 summers at kids camps. She used to be the BMX instructor with some sick skills.

Meet the team:

Barbara is co-founder of Pedal 2 Metal Bike Camp. She is 21 years old and is a Senior in Biology/pre-veterinary medicine. She is a scuba marine researcher. Barbara keeps active with mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, scuba diving, backpacking, long-boarding, triathlons, and long distance running.

Barbara has worked 6 summers at kids camps. Camp experiences have been a major part of her life.

Upcoming Camps

Each camp is 4-hours a day and includes drinks and snacks. Safety is #1 and skills are emphasized. Basic bike maintenance is taught along with riding technique and trail edicate. A relaxed atmosphere full of fun, challenges, and friends is key to happy days. Don’t have sick skills yet? No worries, we’re here to help.

What people say . . .

“We ride with Beth and Barb and it is simply incredible. They take care of everything! They have lots of camp experience and are great with kids!”

– Scott Sackett


Register for one of our camps at a great price! Bring a friend and each receive $20 off!

Cub Camp

Cub Camp is for our youngest campers aged 5-7 years old. They need their own bike/helmet and should be able to ride it.

Rock Jumper Camp

Rock Jumper Camp is for campers aged 8-10 years old. Riders need their own bike/helmet and should be able to ride it.

Trail Shredder Camp

Trail Shredder Camp is for campers aged 11-14 years old. Riders need their own bike/helmet and should be able to ride it.

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COVID-19 & our Day-Camps

The government of Alberta has allowed day-camps to operate in the Province with specific guidelines. We will be taking all precaution to keep your child safe as we follow the guidelines. This includes keeping each camp size to 8 campers + 2 instructors (10/group max). Parents will also be required to follow a few required guidelines as outlined by the Province.

This is an excellent chance to be active, get outside, and make friends in a safe environment. All campers and staff are insured – proof of insurance can be provided. Safety is our priority.