A Day at Camp

Your bike should be working and in great shape to hit the trails for hours. We will help with minor adjustments, but be ready to fix anything as needed during the week. We’ll be careful, but bikes need maintenance. 🙂

We want you to have a RAD day. Here’s what you can do to prepare:

Where to Meet:

Camp begins at Henners Pond in Lacombe. You will find us by the Big Rocks – that’s right, look for a circle of very large rocks. Something that looks like Stonehenge. We will be there just before 8 am (for morning camps) and just before 1pm (for afternoon camps).

What to Bring:

Bring a small backpack with:
[Personal medication if needed during activity]

Wear clothing that can get muddy. We recommend shorts and t-shirt/jacket.

We suggest that you consider biking shorts for comfort. Also, we recommend a rain jacket for rainy days.

When to Arrive / Pick-up

Arrival is 8 am for morning camps and 1 pm for afternoon camps.

On the first day of camp, Parents/Guardians – please meet the staff to make sure all paperwork is complete.

Supervision begins 10 minutes before camp begins and ends 10 minutes after the camp ends. Please be prompt to pick-up after camp is over as the staff will need time to eat lunch or may have another camp to start.

If needed, you can store your bike with the camp staff for the week, no problem.

I love camp! Join us this summer!”

– Barbara Kiers

Make NEW friends. Get RAD skills.

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